Athina Diving Center remains close to local and traveling scuba divers and students with a fully equipped diving store.
We are a Mares Diving Center, featuring a showroom and providing divers the exclusive privilege of test diving all Mares equipment at sea prior to any purchase.

We this way enable divers to be absolutely confident in their choice of products and as experienced divers and instructors always recommend suitable equipment to accommodate different individual needs.

We are dealers for "BtS europa", "Halcyon diving systems" and exclusive dealers of "Nitrox stik".

"BtS europa" is a leader in worldwide supplies of diving equipment.

"Halcyon diving systems" is a globally renowned brand name for technical diving systems trusted also by recreational divers for the simplicity and reliability of their high quality dir dive products.

The revolutionary "Nitrox stik" is a Canadian made continuous gas blending system, which is the safest, fastest, simplest, and most accurate and dependable system for effectively mixing enriched air blends (Nitrox) and deep diving trimixes.
Diving center name
"Athina Diving"
No: s-3329